Friday, January 29, 2010

PIES Analysis

The Stroller

Physical- Makes it more convenient for the parents when they have to bring the child out, as they do not need to carry the child the whole time.

Social- Parents would not be tied down by the child when they attend an event like a friend gathering, as it would be difficult to interact with their friends if they are carrying the baby.

Emotional- For the comfort of the baby, as he or she would cry if uncomfortable.

Intellectual- The toys on the stroller






Waiting for a bus at a bus stop

Benches should be available so that

we will not be tired out. Indoor stations with air conditioners would be good.

There should be a television situated at the stop. This would provide more knowledge to the people.

More buses should be deployed so that we would not need to wait for such a long time and get irritated.

We might be late when we meet up with our friends(if the bus is not on time)

Waiting for a train at the railway station

Install a water drinking corner at the station so that we would not become dehydrated. Singapore has very hot weather and we need to stay hydrated.

Broadcast educational shows on the television sets instead of advertisements.

Will not feel irritated if drinking corners are introduced.

When you watch the television shows,you might interact with others who are also enjoying the show.

Waiting for a plane at he airport

More comfortable chairs. If you are transferring flights,you will probably feel exhausted and sleepy. You will need to have some rest while waiting.

Give newspapers before you board the flight to keep you occupied and learning while waiting for the plane.

You will feel irritated when there are you are tired and there are no comfortable chairs.

There should be interactive gaming stations where people can meet new friends.

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